IS GIFT - Magic Christmas Tree Deluxe

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The Magic Christmas Tree from IS GIFT for Independence Studios comes with everything you need to make a flowering crystal Christmas tree. Simply place the tree in the display tray provided, pour the liquid into the tray and within 1 to 2 hours the first signs of buds will begin to appear, and in just 10 hours your stunning magic tree is fully grown. Make sure you don't touch the buds as they will break!

Dress your Magic Christmas Tree with a star and Garland for extra Christmas Cheer!

How does it work?

The saturated solution of crystals and H2O are drawn up the tree (which is made out of absorbent blotting paper) by capillary action, and also by the force of gravity on the surface of the liquid in the dish.
The increased surface area at the extremities of the tree results in a greater evaporation rate of the solvent (H2O). The solute (crystals) are left behind on the surface of the blotting paper. There are special non-toxic dyes in the tips of the tree that are soluble in water. As the saturated solution moves upwards and outwards, the dyes are carried along to form the colours as the crystals grow, creating a fantastic effect.

A fun kids science experiment, this novelty toy is a fun Christmas Gift. 

Recommended Age: 10+
Care Instructions: Keep away from sunlight and avoid touching once made