IS GIFT - SmartSticker, Assorted Colours

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Stick your phone to any smooth, flat surface whenever you need to be hands-free with the amazing Smart Sticker by IS GIFT for Independence Studios

Keep this handy, compact and reusable SmartSticker on the back of your phone and use it to take selfies, record the latest TikTok dance, answer video calls or stream your next Insta-story. 

Stick it to your dashboard to use GPS hands free.

Or stick it to a wall and follow a recipe, workout or makeup tutorial - get creative!

How to Use with Your Smart Phone

  1. Clean and dry the back of your smart phone or smart phone case
  2. Remove the backing film from the SmartSticker
  3. Apply the SmartSticker to the back of your device
  4. Open the sticker cover and remove the backing film from the inside
  5. Stick your device to any smooth, flat surface
  6. To remove your device from the chosen surface, slightly rotate your phone from side to side and pull gently
  7. When not in use use the SmartSticker cover

  • SmartSticker works on most smooth, flat and dry surfaces. Securely adheres to glass, mirrors, plastic, wood, cement, tiles
  • Special adhesive that will not leave stains or marks on surfaces
  • Reuse up to 1000 times
  • Holds up to 1kg
  • To clean, simply wash with water. Wait until fully dry before using


*PLEASE NOTE* Avoid use on freshly painted walls/wallpaper as adhesive could remove paint/paper from the surface