IS GIFT - Pump It Up Champagne Stopper, Silver & Gold

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Once you've popped the cork from a delicious bubbly bottle of champagne it immediately begins to lose its effervescence. No one wants to waste a drop of that mouth-watering liquid gold, but sometimes you just can't drink the whole bottle at once!

Which is where the Pump It Up Champagne Stopper by Independence Studios comes in handy! The patented technology of the Pump It Up Champagne Stopper pumps air back into your bottle of champagne and seals it tight, keeping it fresher for longer. It's easy to use, looks super stylish, and even has a handy built in date marker so you'll know exactly when you put it into the fridge!

The Pump It Up Champagne Stopper comes beautifully gift packaged, making it a fantastically practical gift for lovers of that bubbly liquid gold!

Champagne Stopper is 3.5cm x 7.5 cms

Material: ABS, stainless steel, silica gel

Care instruction: Food safe. Not dishwasher safe. BPA free