MOR Boutique - Marshmallow Grand Deluxe Soy 3 Wick Candle, 600g

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A luxury home fragrance, this exquisite Grand Deluxe Marshmallow Candle features a gold embellished white glass vessel, elegant soft pink Soy Wax and three 100% cotton lead free wicks to perfume the air with a signature scent and add style to any space.

With strong hot and cold fragrance throw, this candle is perfect to use in large spaces to beautifully scent the entire room

The Scent

Marshmallow- The Scent of Sweet Sophistication


A pretty perfume in bloom with whimsy and flirty floral notes of Snow Musk, Jasmine and White Carnations. Flowering with delicate Marshmallow and Vanilla this sweet scent is a playful contrast of dewy English Rose and sugar-kissed petals. Undeniably memorable, this fanciful and feminine fragrance will mesmerise and delight.


Top Notes - White Carnation, Marshmallow


Heart Notes - Jasmine, Althaea Flower, English Rose


Base Notes - Sugar, Madagascan Vanilla, Snow Musk


Proudly Australian Made


Not Tested On Animals