Oil Garden - Limited Edition Coastal Ultrasonic Diffuser

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Use this stunning Limited Edition Coastal Ultrasonic Diffuser by Oil Garden to diffuse essential oils in a safe, effective and pleasant way to reap the benefits of the oils therapeutic benefits and create ambience.

Designed with ultrasonic wave technology, which works on the vibration of water, rather than heat allowing the unit to stay cool to touch and safe for all the family.

How does it work?

1. Place the diffuser on a flat surface and insert power card into wall socket.
2. Remove the wooden outer and the plastic cover from the base of the unit. Fill the water tank to the maximum water level line (120ml) with cool tap water.
3. Add 6-9 drops in total of your favourite Oil Garden pure essential oils.
4. Replace cover and secure lightly.
5. Press the MIST (left) button to turn on your diffuser and the LED (right) button to turn on the light for ambience.

Total Run Time ~ 4 hours