The Definitive Guide to Whisky (Hardcover)

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Size: 246mm x 198mm x 20mm / Hardback / 224 pages 

Its earliest incarnations saw it as a locally produced drink for crofters and farmers in Scotland and Ireland. Today, we know it as a worldwide, multi-billion pound industry. But whisky still bases its humble roots on the extraordinary alchemy of just three main ingredients, namely barley, water and yeast. While Scotch whisky maintains its claim on the spirit’s heritage, whisky is now a product of the world, and The Definitive Guide to Whisky is the ultimate globe-trotting companion to this dark and complex spirit. Uncover its fascinating history and diverse manufacture as we showcase over 200 of the most renowned whiskies of the world, describing their appearance, style and unique flavours along the way. Featuring over 200 single malts, blends, bourbons and ryes from around the world. Co-written by industry-renowned whisky connoisseur Joe Clark. Whisky is considered an affordable luxury item, making this authoritative volume a high-end Father’s Day gift.