Champagne Aura - Amethyst Crystal, Assorted Sizes

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Champagne Aura has branched out from their gorgeous candles and has added this beautiful selection of crystals to the mix.

These sparkling Amethyst crystals are said to bring stability, strength, spirituality and inner peace, with the strongest power to rid your home of negative energy.

The perfect edition to your home decor or a great house warming gift. 

 Amethyst also assists in combating insomnia and nightmares, so place one next to your bed and have a peaceful nights sleep.

Crystal 1.  188g, 9.5cm x 5-6cm x 1.5-2cm $24

Crystal 2.  152g, 9cm x 1.5-6cm x 1.5-3cm $26

Crystal 3. 79g, 5cm x 5cm x 2cm $20

Crystal 4. 93g, 7cm x 6cm x 1-2cm $22

Crystal 5. 170g, 6.5-8cm x 1.5-5.5cm x 4-5cm, $28